Beekyr is a shooter game that will lead our bee through the tough
world of bugs and avenge his hive from the nasty wasps.

Game features:
- Multi layers parallax vertical and horizontal scroller
- 5 kinds of gameplay in 23 levels. (4 demo version)
- Full inegration with touch screens and keyborads. (gamepads in the future)
- Works well in almost all low-mid range smartphones
- Well managed vRAM to Allow even more devices.
- Fits perfectly* over any resolution with any kind of panoramic screen, including tablets.
(*Tested in docens of different devices)

Tech Specs:
- Built using AIR 3.8 (AS3)
- Works in Android and Flash
- GPU accelerated

Used frameworks:
- Citrus Engine
- Starling
- Box2D (not anymore, too slow for phones)
- Nape (a lot faster than Box2D in AS3)
- Feathers

Developed creating reusable code for future projects:
- Poolings
- Controllers
- Music Player (extending Citrus Engine)
- Ad display
- Collision events (extending Citrus Engine)

Improved workflow with custom created GUI tools using with Flash Pro and JSFL)
- Level editor
- AI editor
- Batch compressed textures generator (PNG to ATF & JPG to ATF)
- Batch levels and IA exporter (from Flash layers to JSON)

Why AIR?
I already knew stage3D and ActionScript, I wanted to make a good game properly and quickly. So I made it in AIR to be able to get to ANDROID devices as well as PC/MAC. It was a really good decision. Developing for such a wide range of devices has been hard to make it look good and perform well in low short powered devices. With so many different screen sizes. I had to optimize every single bit and learn very interesting techniques to make it run smooth everywhere. With a new language (for me) I wouldn't have been able to reach such level of optimization so quickly.

History of the game:
Game was developed as a proof of concept that was supposed to be an improvement of my previous Valkyr (click to play) remake game (from 2011), Flash 9.

January 2012 I tried improving the game using Flash 10: Beekyr prototype Version 0.1 (click to play) . I couldn't get anything very complex working due the lack of GPU acceleration. So I left the game in a playable state, but too simple. I had to discard the idea of making complex flash games.

A year later: (January 2013), I started working with Stage3D heavily for a couple of months to get a demo that looked and responded right in Flash. That was exactly what I had in mind... It looked and performed so well that I decided to make a full commercial game for smartphones. I got in touch with a couple of friends and I ended up leading a team making the awesome game I always wanted: Beekyr , playable in most Android phones.

Finished after 8 months of hard work. first of October 2013 , Game gets very positive feedack from users and media.
I decided to create a trademark: KaleidoGames. Will that become a real company?

Get it and let me know what do you think.

Beekyr (AIR for Android)