Events as Speaker or Exhibitor:

[EXPO] Indie[mad] : Beekyr Reloaded
[TALK +EXPO] Badrid Gaming Experience 2017 : "Official presentation : Beekyr Reloaded - Final version"
[EXPO] Retro Zaragoza : Beekyr Reloaded Beta
[EXPO] Arcade Con III : Beekyr Reloaded - Development Evolution
[TALK +EXPO] El Zerouno UEM Convention II : "Quick presentation : Beekyr Reloaded"

[TALK] Madrid - ZeroUno : "Quick presentation : Beekyr Reloaded - Pre-Beta version"
[TALK] GameBoss : "How to avoid my mistakes when publishing in Steam"
[EXPO] GameBoss : Vortex Attack in a bartop
[EXPO] Chibi Japan Weekend : Vortex Attack 1.3 in a Bartop
[EXPO] RetroAlba : Vortex Attack 1.3 in both bartop & Arcade Cabinet

[EXPO] ParlaBytes : Vortex Attack 1.2 in a bartop
[EXPO] 3-D Wire : Vortex Attack 1.1 in a bartop
[EXPO] Madrid Games Week : Vortex Attack 1.1 in a Bartop
[EXPO] RetroMadrid Days : Vortex Attack 1.0
[TALK] Arcade Con : "How did it become Vortex Attack?"
[EXPO] Arcade Con : Vortex Attack 1.1 in a Arcade Cabinet
[EXPO] Chibi Japan Weekend : Vortex Attack 0.8

[EXPO] RetroSevilla : Vortex Attack 0.5 & Beekyr
[EXPO] ParlaBytes : Vortex Attack 0.4 & Beekyr
[EXPO] Madrid Games Week : Vortex Attack 0.2
[EXPO] RetroMadrid : Beekyr

[TALK] Videojuegos Y Consolas : Beekyr presentation
[TALK] FlashBrighton : Beekyr developed for Android in AIR

I'm available for public speaking at gaming-related events...

I focus on independent game creation talking about from my own experiences, trying to help others to work more efficienty while they understand my background.

I also have some experience giving game design feedback to other developers for action games

For more details, please contact me.